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Seint Initiative

The SEINT Initiative is being developed to market our products to "Those That Play."  We want streamers, riders, skaters, surfers, gamers, musicians like you to join with us.  Please check out our current influencers across multiple genres, activities and entertainment styles.




Speedbump316 - I am Speedbump (Speed, Speedy, etc.) I'm a Dreamer, Visionary, Father, Husband, and Human.
I'm not perfect. But i strive to be good. I'm a Social Gamer. I enjoy interacting with others. Guild Wars 2 is my main. I've been known to play Destiny, and some other games too, but generally i'm sticking to WvW. I love the synergy of working together to get something accomplished.  Come Check me out by clicking on my link above to "Follow me" on Twitch.  or follow me on Instagram.



Yoshettie - Hi, I'm Yoshettie.  Born into an 8-bit era and forged in the flames of the N64;  I'm more of an old-school gamer but my PC wasn't built to run Super Mario Sunshine.  (although it does more often than I like to admit)  I'm currently a student studying Hospitality management and I'm the proud parent of two guinea pigs, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Pig.  If I'm not gaming or studying, I'm either noodling around on my guitar or being devoured by the newest Netflix true crime mini-series.  Be sure to stop by my stream and be sure to say HI :3



Necro- Hello everyone I’m Necro. I am a Semi Pro Call of Duty player for the Gaming Insomniacs league based in Schenectady New York. I play all kinds of games ranging from Minecraft to Spider-Man to NBA to Madden to Star Wars. I focus more on Call of Duty because of being a semi pro Call of Duty player. I don’t get much time to game so when I do game I focus on practicing for the league. Follow me on Twitch: ToXn_Necro and subscribe to my YouTube channel: ToXn_Necro. Follow me on twitter and Instagram ToXn_Necro



SvenSven- My people call me Sven.  I don't have much recollection of what I did before Jan 2019,  but I bet it was epic!!  Right now I model for Seint Apparel.  They treat me cool.  Take me on trips.  Take my picture.  Tell me what to wear.  All the necessary stuff ya know.  Anyway,  I'm just going to chill with these guys for the time being until i know what I want to do with my life.  You can find me on Instagram, if you were wanting to.  I'm kind of the face of the company.  No pressure. 
























Robbie Bonar- Age 39.  Married for 21 years to my amazing wife Stephanie.  4 kids and we all skate!  I'm an old school street skater.  (I'll ride parks when I have to)  Pastor of 16:15 sk8 ministry in central Ohio.  I grew up a skater and the only thing a church did for us was kick us out of their parking lots.  I gave my life to Jesus at 20 years old and never looked back.  But, I never forgot were I came from.  I want to show people Christianity is not all rules and regulations. God Made u to be u.  Go make disciples that make disciples that make disciples.