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Seint Community

This Page is here to showcase the Businesses and Companies that SEINT likes.


Gaming Insomniacs League


Gaming InsomniacsGaming Insomniacs League (GIL) is an Esports League organized by the company Gaming Insomniacs. It is a series of leagues comprised of a High-School League, a Collegiate League, a Semi-Pro League and at the tip of the triangle is the Professional League (PRO). Gaming Insomniacs focuses on a series of gaming platforms and games to support it's Esports mission.   

Check out their Twitch Channel




Doug Carlton -   -  Shout out to a photographer that does incredible work. SEINT uses him for various projects in marketing.




CT Graphics - Sometimes, when it comes to printed materials, web design, or multimedia, you just need a professional. We offer custom design that saves money and time. We do the design work that you can't do, shouldn't do, or just don't have the time to do.   Email -   Phone: 860-800-9966




Snyder Custom Guitars - These guys offer completely custom builds and all levels of guitar and stringed instrument repair. Your instrument will be given extreme attention to every detail, giving you perfect playability for your unique style.  Email -




 Mall Grab Coffee

Mall Grab Coffee - We love their coffee.  Especially the Brazil.  Feel free to visit their site for their full brand offering.  They give back to the community by giving 1 dollar for each bag sold to kids skateboarding.  Let's support them as they support their local community.