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About Seint - (ˈsānt)

Our "Mission" is our Message.  

Our message is simple.  Don't pretend to be something you are not.  Nobody is perfect.

The creation of the brand Seint was based on the idea that no one is truly a Saint.  We all have our dark side.  

Seint is an obvious misspelling.  Seint is spelled a lot like Feint.  Which has a meaning in fighting, "to make a deceptive or distracting movement, especially during a fight."  

We thought that this was a great mix of terms.  As humans we often have the notion that we have to pretend to be this great individual, but in reality we will always fall short.  So let us be grounded in that reality, taking ownership of our faults, admitting our failures, but continue to strive for greatness.  

In the same token, let us acknowledge that everyone else has the same problem.  We can help each other out by uplifting them with positive language instead of waiting and pouncing on them when they screw up.